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I'm Hana Dvorak, LMT and welcome you to HanaHealing.com.
I view massage therapy as a sacrament. I believe that massage is a gift from one person to another. It is also one of the best gifts you can give yourself. I offer you a deeply relaxing, non-sexual massage from a caring, intuitive, highly trained professional. After your massage you'll be re-energized, both physically and spiritually, and feel a renewed sense of connection with your body.

Hana-Dvorak_LMT_hanahealing.com_massage therapy_84.jpg I specialize in Swedish, Reflexology and Ayurvedic forms of massage therapy and Hypnotherapy. Your massage may be in one mode or it may contain modalities from different traditions or it may be combined with hypno- therapy to suit your needs.

I came to massage therapy after studying ayurvedic and herbal healing, meditation and yoga. I realized that my spiritual path would involve touch as a part of healing. After practicing massage for over nineteen years, I have witnessed the amazing power of touch to restore both body and spirit.


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